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Tobacco & Vaping Prevention

                                       in Rutland County

We believe in a Tobacco free message early on to prevent youth from the dangers of Tobacco and vaping


  • Preventing youth access to tobacco & vaping products

  • Reducing Tobacco product consumption

  • Increased quit rates

  • Community & school based education about the dangers of Tobacco use


Sarah Cosgrove

Tobacco Cessation/ Prevention Specialist

Rutland Regional Medical Center

Rutland VT 05701


We create change by engaging the community through:

  • Addressing increase in youth e-cigarette use

  • E -cigarette education to schools and community groups

  • Promoting and supporting Tobacco free zones including e-cigarettes

  • Increase quit rates and resources for youth

Quit Vaping & Tobacco Supports

1-800-QUIT-NOW ( 1-800-784-8669)

Free tools and support for age 13 and older.

Whether you’re a Vermonter who uses cigarettes, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), chewing tobacco, dip, hookah or another tobacco product, this site is for you. 802Quits offers free, customized help to quit smoking and other tobacco, including tailored quit plans.

Tools & tips. Build a quit plan, speak to an expert, receive text support

This is Quitting —the help and support you need is just a text away. All you have to do to get started is text DITCHJUUL to 88709

Truth Initiative (@truthinitiative) | Twitter

Vaping education for parents and youth

In Rutland County

  • Between 2017 and 2019  teen cigarette use in past 30 days decreased 9% to 7%

  • In 2019 26% of teens have tried an e-cigarette within the past 30 days 

  • Among students who currently vape in 2019, the majority of students (88%) used them on six or more days during the past month, with 57% using them on 10 or more days and more than three in ten using them every day.






   In 2020 we need you!!

Volunteer to help. Do you need community service hours for school? Do you want to make a change in your community? Are you a former smoker, who wants to give back? 

Even if it's not in person we still need you- contact Sarah at

             Be Smart. Don’t Start.

Vaping. Cloud chasing. Vooping. E-cigs. No matter what you call it, it’s all the same – bad for your health!

As a preteen or teenager, you are the target of the vaping industry. Candy flavored liquids, fun packaging, creative imaging and advertising are all designed to get your attention. The industry knows what they’re doing – targeting youth – and are hoping you don’t notice. But you're smarter than that!

Chances are, you’ve heard about it, been around it, tried it and/or know someone who vapes. Bottom line, it's bad for you. Educate yourself on the dangers of vaping and ways to help. 

                      Be Smart. Don’t Start


      Help spread the word!

Share our messaging on any one of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Snap Chat, or Instagram. You can make a difference, RIGHT NOW! Thank you.





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