Resources for Teens

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NIDA for Teens

National Institute on Drug Abuse

If you are using drugs, thinking about using drugs, or are just curious what all the different words mean, check this out.

Learn more about how alcohol affects your brain, what bath salts really are, and a lot more!

Marijuana and Teen Brains

What does it really do?

If you want to know more about how cannabis affects your brain, look for reliable sources. There aren't enough studies out there to know everything right now, so remember that new information will keep coming in. As studies are done, the evidence shows there are a lot of risks to teen brains.

NPR article "Marijuana may hurt the developing teen brain"

Scientific American article "What pot really does to the teen brain"
Psychology Today article "Heavy marijuana use alters teenage brain structure

All About Alcohol

Ferment on the facts

You might think everyone in your school is drinking alcohol. They aren't. Know the risks.

Learn about what alcohol is, how it's made, how it affects your body, and how to get help for yourself or your friends. 

Alcohol poisoning: Do you know what it is or what it can do to your body?


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