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Are Your Meds Up and Away?

Have you ever thought about how you store your prescription medications? Maybe you use them daily so they stay right on the counter top, or you keep a spare bottle in your purse or gym bag. Take some time today to consider whether there are safer options for you and your family.

Did you know that about 60,000 children 5 and under are brought to the ER each year because they got into medications that were left within reach?

How can you protect your family and friends? Here are some helpful tips from

1. Pick a place children cannot reach

2. Put medications up and away after each use

3. Make sure the safety cap is locked

4. Teach your children about medicine safety

5. Tell guests about medicine safety

6. Be prepared in case of an emergency

7. Visit their website for more details and resources.

Do you have old or extra medication you need to get rid of? Check back for a future post. For now, you can visit the Vermont Department of Health's website for more details about safe ways to dispose of medication including a list of permanent drop box locations near you.

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